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Yockanookany Mitigation Bank

Yockanookany Mitigation Bank, sponsored by Yockanookany Mitigation Resources, LLC, is located in the USACE District of Vicksburg, in Attala and Leake Counties in Mississippi. This Mississippi bank provides stream and wetland offset credits from the Yockanookany River Basin.

  • 1,130-acre stream and wetland mitigation bank
  • 82,785 linear feet of stream channel and associated riparian buffer enhancement
  • 694.9 acres of wetlands enhancement and preservation.
  • USACE District of Vicksburg, Attala and Leake Counties, Mississippi
  • HUC No. 03180001


Date Completed


Mitigation Type

Habitation Credit, Stream Credit

View Of Yockanookany Mitigation Bank Project Site
View Of Yockanookany Mitigation Site