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Cave Spring Mitigation Bank

The Cave Spring Mitigation Bank was Mitigation Resources’ first bank in the state of Tennessee. The site is located in southeast Roane County, Tennessee, within the Watts Bar Lake HUC 8 primary service area and the Lower French Broad and Middle Tennessee-Chickamauga secondary service areas. Cave Spring is just over 87 acres and was severely impacted by right-of-way activities. Mitigation Resources is providing ecological lift to the Cave Spring Branch system and preserving Wolf Creek to improve the ecosystems within the Watts Bar Lake Watershed. The proposed ecological improvements include restoring impacted or poorly functioning stream reaches and providing vegetation enhancement to re-establish the historic ecological communities in the riparian buffer areas.

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Collin Cox, Client Development




Solution Type

Mitigation Bank

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USACE District


Primary Service Area

Watts Bar Lake

Secondary Service Area

Lower French Broad and Middle Tennessee-Chickamauga