Zach Stephens

Regulatory and Project Manager

Zach joined the Mitigation Resources team in 2021 as our regulatory and project manager. He is in charge of completing the regulatory checklist before construction begins and monitoring job sites post-construction. Before he came to Mitigation Resources, Zach spent the previous seven years working for another major mitigation company. He enjoys working in mitigation because he likes creating a site’s “unique look and design” and tracking the site’s progress over the years. Zach earned his bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management with a focus in Geographic Information Systems from The Pennsylvania State University.

His favorite part of working for Mitigation Resources is getting to work with a great team every day. “My fellow teammates believe in me,” Zach says. “I can feel their excitement and energy. That is infectious.” When he’s not at work, you can find Zach spending time outdoors with his young daughter — “I enjoy watching her reactions to pretty plants and loud animals.”